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Gorringe's Social Distancing Measures - Guidance for Our Customers

Upon our reopening to the public on Tuesday 16th June 2020, the health and safety of our customers and staff is, as always, of utmost importance.

In order to ensure safe distancing and minimise the risk of any potential exposure to the Covid-19 virus, we have made changes to our working practices, saleroom layout and interaction with customers. 

Keeping a safe distance:

Please remember that people have very different attitudes to the risk of infection. Some are perhaps a little too casual about it and others are more highly concerned. We kindly ask all customers to respect fellow visitors and staff of the galleries, by keeping a safe distance at all times (2+ metres), not standing too closely to others, and moving aside as necessary to allow safe passage when moving around the galleries. 

Our primary aim is to protect all customers and make the experience of being  back in the saleroom as enjoyable as possible. Therefore, any customer choosing to deliberately ignore safe distancing measures, will be asked to leave.


Face masks, hand sanitiser and general hygiene: 

Hand sanitiser stations will be set up in all of the main rooms for customer use. 

If you choose to wear a face mask or gloves when visiting the saleroom, please do not remove these while in the building and avoid touching your face with your hands. Cough or sneeze into a tissue, or into your arm if a tissue is not available. You may like to consider using the hand sanitiser stations provided after sneezing or coughing. 

If you are feeling unwell, we respectfully ask you not to enter the galleries. 

Face masks for staff are optional, but have been provided for all staff. Hand disinfectant has been provided for all members of staff. Gloves are also available to staff, but hand washing / disinfecting is considered to be equally effective. 

We will be further increasing the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning, including all work areas, objects and general surfaces touched regularly, for example, doors, gallery display cabinets, telephones and computers. 

Is food and drink allowed?

Please do not bring any food or drink into the saleroom to maintain high levels of hygiene. 

Can I use the toilets?

Toilets will be for staff use only - there will be signage up on the front door notifying and reminding all customers of this, with directions to the nearest available toilets. 

How will I enter and exit the saleroom?

The front door will be the only entrance to be used by all customers.  We will make it clear that no one should enter if they can see more than three people in the room.

One member of staff will be behind the cash desk and protected by the glass screen. Up to two additional members of staff can sit at the raised work desks to the other side. Perspex screens will be placed in front of the raised desk area and a table across the stairs ensuring that customers keep their distance. This will be reinforced with hazard tape.

How many people will be in the galleries at one time?

No more than three people (including staff) will be allowed onto the main floor of Gallery 1, at all times.

Chairs will be provided (spaced apart) for customers to sit and wait to be called through to Gallery 2. 

The glass doors to Gallery 2 will remain closed at all times to prevent customers accidentally re-entering Gallery 1 (so for instance after bidding, a buyer will have to exit via the side entrance and re-enter to pay at the cash desk).

Gallery 2 and valuations:

Three desks/tables will be set up to the left for valuations to be carried out at safe distance, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Valuations for Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays will be strictly by appointment only (and undertaken in the Carmichael Room).

Customers won’t be permitted to go beyond Gallery 2 and exit from Gallery 2 will be through the door to the carpark.

Where will auctions take place?

We will be holding all auctions upstairs in the Stuart Room, to allow for safe distancing between staff and customers. The rostrum end will be blocked off from customer access. The walls around the room will be used for Fine Sale furniture and display of paintings.

At the window end, we will set up three desks/tables for the viewing of ‘behind the counter’ lots. Racks will be installed before the windows to hold the lots.

Customers are encouraged to book an appointment to view these lots (notably silver and jewellery). Up to a maximum of three clients will be served one-on-one, using small trays to pass the goods.

Customers who have not booked or only want to view a few items can, if they wish, wait until a space becomes available on the day of their visit. 

Customers must exit the Stuart Room via the fire escape stairs and will not be allowed to return down the stairs to Gallery 2.

Thank you very much in advance, from all of us at Gorringes 

We’d like to thank you for following these measures with due care. While we hope to return to complete normality sooner rather than later, these practices are designed to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable when returning to the galleries in the meantime.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon!