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What Gorringe’s Values for Probate

At Gorringe’s, our tailored probate valuation service satisfies every requirement of probate law. Central to this service is a detailed inventory and valuation that records all items of importance and any specific bequests.

Our specialists value for probate a rich range of antiques, collectables and Fine Art. These include items across our Departments.

Additionally, Gorringe’s offers both Valuations for Sale and Valuations for Insurance services.

Staying on top of the fluctuating market value of these assets calls for both experience and expertise. At Gorringe’s, you’ll benefit from both.

A Fast and Thorough Probate Service

Gorringe’s can attend a probate valuation in 7-10 days, and often sooner than that.

For a typical five-bedroom home, a thorough appraisal would normally take between 1-2 hours.

For a much larger property, or for more complex valuations, 1-2 days is the norm, and we always quote a competitive locked-in fee in advance of any probate work you commission.

Typically, a Gorringe’s Valuer will:

  • Visit your property and list all items with a value in excess of £500.
  • Record also any items below this level but still of saleable value.
  • Produce an abbreviated valuation, in line with section 160 of the 1984 Inheritance Act.
  • Prepare a more detailed report for the executors.

All Probate Documentation Provided

Following our valuation, Gorringe’s supplies all related documents, including detailed inventories for lawyers and family members as well as papers required by HMRC.

Having these documents to hand makes dealing with any subsequent property division, sales and tax-related requirements far easier.    

Our Sales Service

In the event of executors or beneficiaries wishing to dispose of some or all of the chattels involved in an estate, Gorringe’s provides a complete sales service. We will:

  • Arrange collection of the pieces concerned and ensure their inclusion in the appropriate sale or sales.
  • Advise on reserves, where this is necessary.
  • Ensure a rapid settlement.

Discover Our Valuations For Probate Service   

Learn about the benefits of this specialist service with Gorringe’s Partner Clifford Lansberry.

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