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Valuations for Insurance

Jewellery, Furniture, Fine Art Antique Valuations for Insurance

Obviously nothing can ever really make up for the loss of a much loved heirloom or collection, but if you are inadequately insured, then the blow is a double one.

In today’s reactionary and whimsical market prices move both up and down. Ten years ago antique furniture formed the backbone of the market and provided the highest value to most home contents valuations. Today furniture has dropped away and typically it is paintings and collectables that provide the highest prices. The best way of guarding against these variations is to have an inventory and valuation of all your more important pieces and keep it updated every three to five years. Gorringe's Valuations Department will prepare this for you, itemising everything over an agreed value. However, our service doesn't stop there.

We can also:

  • Arrange for a photographic record to be made of your most important items - making recovery more likely following a loss.
  • Advise on permanent identification marking of your personal effects.
  • Arrange for a crime prevention survey to be undertaken at your home.
  • Commission a report and a quote by a security alarm installation company.
  • Recommend specialist insurance brokers and services.

Contact one of our auctioneers to discuss how Gorringe’s can help value your antiques for insurance.