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Gorringe's COVID-19 Update

31st March 2020 - Latest Update

Although our galleries remain closed to the public until further notice, we have arranged an ONLINE ONLY auction (no saleroom viewing or bidding in person) for MONDAY 20th APRIL at 10am, the sale catalogue will be online on Thursday 9th April.

The sale will include Modern and Antiquarian Books, Ceramics, Dolls and Teddy Bears, Silver, Jewellery and Pictures.

In addition to online bidding, via, commission bids may be left, via our website, or by email to


24th March 2020 - Latest Update

Gorringes will now remain closed until further notice and all auctions will be postponed – our offices will be closed but you can still contact us here and we will continue to offer valuations via email and WhatsApp and will endeavour to respond promptly to all enquiries. This website will be regularly updated with our latest news.


17th March 2020 - Latest Update

A number of clients have asked what is happening to auctions in the light of the latest government advice regarding the Coronavirus threat.
Are we still open?

Gorringe’s remain open for all usual business; valuations, consignments, sales and collections. Staff are aware of best practices with regard to minimising risk and self-isolation (as yet we have no known individual contact with the virus). The staff and majority of our customers have a ‘keep calm and carry on’ approach and aim to weather the storm as best as possible. Normal opening hours apply.
Will we continue to hold auctions?

The sale on Monday 16th saw the usual sale day attendance as well as the typically strong presence of internet buyers. Having weekly sales we are well-placed to monitor the on-going level of demand and attendance. We currently sell 65% of lots to online buyers so much of our sale activity takes place with minimal human contact. We stand ready to switch to internet only sales (backed up by additional photographs and reports) if necessary.
Will prices be affected?

The current state of the market is already fragile with only the ‘rare and best’ seeing strong demand – the majority of the goods on offer are affected by fashion and modern lifestyle choices. This is unlikely to change. If goods are held over for future sales it is highly likely that for most items a glut on the market will actually result in prices being lower. As things stand it seems better to take today’s price than risk a lower one tomorrow however we will monitor the situation. One small consolation is that most traders and collectors are individuals who do not like to miss out on something or see a rival obtain a bargain! This competitive spirit keeps the market going.
Will you still visit for valuations?

Yes, appointments are still being booked. It is notable that many of the potentially more vulnerable people - the over 70s - are the ones who seem most determined to carry on. The Blitz spirit lives on. Many of our house calls are to more elderly clients and of course our valuers will make every effort to ensure that they do not present any risk to customers (complying with the latest advice regarding best practice and self-isolation). We are also able to evaluate by email (from photographs) and via Whatsapp (live valuation advice).
The latest government advice suggests that the virus cannot be contained until a vaccine is produced (which might be up to 18 months’ time). It seems sensible that through this difficult period people’s livelihoods are protected and to do so the economy needs to keep flowing. Our aim is to keep on as best as possible and practical. Please do telephone or email us if you require any further advice or assistance with Gorringe’s sales and valuations.
For all enquiries please contact: