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Gorringe’s Alternative Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is just around the corner, giving you a great opportunity to say thanks for all the things he’s done for you over the years. What better way to do that than with a unique gift that none of his mates will have - something you wouldn’t get on the high street.

We’ve collated some of our favourite Father’s Day gift ideas, to give you inspiration to make this Father’s Day unforgettable. Be sure to explore our upcoming auction dates and explore some of the great presents you can pick up for dad.

For the most impeccably dressed dad in the world

Your dad is a man who takes great pride in his appearance (or maybe he’s scruffy and needs a nudge) - so why not add a stylish touch for the next time he dusts off his shirt and tie. You’ll often pick up great fashion accessories at auction, like this collection of cufflinks, which sold for £100.

For the footy mad dad 

There’s a host of football memorabilia regularly on offer at Gorringe’s, so keep any eye out for our upcoming sales to see if anything takes your fancy, like this Frank Roberts England International jersey, for example - which had an auction estimate of £1,500-2000.

Or bundle football and dogs together to get a gift that has everything your dad loves, in one! This Louis Wain (1860-1939) artwork of Terrier puppies playing football sold for £1,300 at auction.

For the music fan

Whether you love or hate your dad’s taste in music, you’ve got to give it to him, those dad moves are pretty impressive when he gets going. Give the old man a gift he’ll cherish, with some music memorabilia - perhaps even signed by his favourite artist, like this autographed Leonard Cohen poster or record sleeve, which sold for £35. 

For the wine and beer connoisseur

If your dad loves a swift pint at the local, or a glass or two of wine with his dinner, then he’ll love a gift like this Doulton Lambeth ‘The Landlords Caution’ stoneware beer

A Doulton Lambeth The Landlords Caution stoneware beer jug, which sold for £30 at auction.

Or you could plump for a selection of wine, like the collection below including two Hermitage 1983s and four sweet wines, which sold at auction for £150.

For the dad with a firm interest in history and war memorabilia 

A gift with a rich history and backstory? We’ve got you covered. Gorringe’s regularly features war memorabilia in its auctions - with many lots causing quite a stir when it comes to sale day. 

Add to your dad’s collection - or start a passion for collecting, with a gift like this set of miniature war medals, which sold for £70.

For the poetry buff

Got a dad that fancies himself as a bit of a wordsmith? There’s so much potential for a great gift for any bookworm or poetry lover at Gorringe’s, like this collection of poetry books by John Betjeman, which sold for £40.

For the afternoon snoozer

Put your feet up dad, you’ve earned it putting up with me all these years. Let your dad kick back and relax with a piece of furniture that allows him to achieve the optimum conditions for those much needed afternoon naps - like this Victorian square topped footstool, which sold for £30. 

For the dad who always like to be on time

“Get up, we’re going to be late”... “I’ll start the car, hurry up or I’ll leave without you”. Hark back to the glory days of yesteryear where the worst thing you could do was make your dad late! Give your dad the gift of keeping time with military precision to make sure he makes it to the garden centre before anyone else - with a collection of watches, like this steel Cyma wristwatch and other timepieces, which sold for £80.

Thanks for reading - be sure to keep tabs on our upcoming auction dates and grab yourself a bargain for Father’s Day.