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First weekly sale at North Street includes collection of Children's books


Our inaugural weekly sale at our Galleries in North Street Lewes, includes a private collection of ILLUSTRATED CHILDREN'S BOOKS

Some 57 works, include illustrations by some of the very best artists, including Arthur Rackham, Edward Detmold, William Pogany and Edmund Dulac, have been consigned for sale by a collector from Kent.

The so-called "Golden Age" of children's illustrated books—a period dating from around 1880 to the early twentieth century—is today regarded as a literary epoch that produced some of the finest works of art ever created for children's literature.

The books were perceived as commodities, in the sense of prizes or rewards, gift books, and toy books. Books as prizes had a long tradition in juvenile publishing. They were originally designed to impart moral guidelines, to reinforce exemplary behaviour, and to caution against the evils of intemperance or profanity.

Perhaps my favourite book in the collection is Samuel Taylor Coleridge's - Rime of the ancient Mariner, where the illustrator, William Pogany (1882-1955)  not only produced the watercolours for the tipped-in colour plates, but also was also responsible for the hand-scripted text, the page decorations and borders and the full-page black and white illustrations. The book, published in 1910, carries an estimate of £180-220

"The Ship was cheered, the harbour cleared" A plate from - Coleridge, Samuel Taylor - The Rime of The Ancient Mariner, illustrated by William Pogany, original pictorial gilt cloth, with 20 colour plates tipped- in, London [1910] Estimate £180-220

"Here with a loaf of bread" A plate from - Khayyam, Omar - The Rubaiyat, 4to pictorial, tan gilt cloth gilt peacock binding reproduced from a calligraphic manuscript written and illuminated by Sangorski and Sutcliffe, Siegle, Hill and Co., London [1910] Estimate £150-200


"The huntress Dian" A plate from - Milton, John - Comus, illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 4to, dark grey pigskin, with 24 mounted coloured plates, London and New York [1921]Estimate £180-240

"The vain Jackdaw" A plate from - Aesop's Fables, illustrated by Edward J. Detmold, original cloth, with 23 colour plates tipped in, London [1909] Estimate £150-200


Full details of other lots are viewable on our website from Friday 23rd December

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