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Jean-Claude Lepileur collection of Chinese archaic bronzes

Gorringes are delighted to present the Jean-Claude Lepileur collection of Chinese archaic bronzes from the Shang to Han dynasties (12th century B.C. to 3rd century A.D.)

To be offered for sale as a stand-alone collection on the 28th November as part of our Winter Fine Sale.


We will be holding a special preview event to view the collection on 13th. 14th & 15th November (9am to 4.30pm)

Admission restricted to catalogue holders only. New buyers may be asked to leave a deposit to bid on certain lots in this sale.


Jean-Claude Lepileur was a man of great learning. Born in Lisieux in France, he became a buyer and seller of antiques and formed a partnership with Mrs Senta Christian in a joint antiques venture, travelling to and from England from their early base in Deauville in Normandy. Mr Lepileur was a self-taught historian, chemist and restorer, with a particular love of all things Asian, especially pieces of art from China. And more specifically ancient Chinese bronze artefacts, which he collected avidly all his life.


Mr Lepileur and Mrs Christian moved their business to Finchley in London in the 1950s and they continued to operate as a partnership until 1996, when Mrs Christian passed away. Jean-Claude had a very discerning eye for art and at one point even managed to identify two original Rembrandt sketches for sale on a stall on Portobello Market and was able to purchase them for a few pounds. They were later fully authenticated by the Victoria and Albert Museum. Mr Lepileur was also a frequent visitor to the British Museum in those days as he was always keen to compare his latest Chinese bronze acquisitions with those in the collection of the museum. During his life he amassed a collection of some eighty bronzes and a number of ceramics, pictures and scrolls. He also collected over 60 reference books, many of them very detailed, which he used to assist him with his research. Mr Lepileur was still buying and selling up until his death in December last year, aged 90.


The collection is presented complete, with no omissions and is a great tribute to his skill in identifying, researching and collecting some wonderful pieces of Chinese art.


If you have a special piece of Asian art you would like included in our Winter Fine Sale please get in touch with Dan Bray on 01273 472503 or email him on

The closing date for the sale is 7th November.