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Gorringes are proud to announce that we will be holding the sale of the Dennis G. Rice Collection of fine early Derby Porcelain (1750-1770) in our 12th March sale.

As well as being an avid collector of early Derby porcelain, Dr. Dennis G. Rice was an academic and wrote one of the key reference works on the subject - 'Derby Porcelain, The Golden Years 1750-1770' published in 1983. A number of the pieces illustrated in the book will be offered for sale including three extremely rare figures (image as above) from the so-called 'Girl-on-a horse' or 'Compass-marked' factory which have traditionally been attributed to Derby but whose origin may lie elsewhere.

Other highlights of the sale include:

A pair of rare early Derby 'Dry-edge' figures of wild boars c.1750-2

An example of rare early Derby 'Dry-edge' figures of sheep and a wild boar, together with a rare Longton Hall figure of a ram, c.1750-2

An example of Derby Cotton-Stem painter tea & coffee wares, c.1758

An example of Derby Bird painted useful wares, c.1758-65

An example of Derby figures of dogs, c. 1756-65

An example of Derby figures, early Duesbury period, c.1756-8