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Valuation FAQs

The following are questions asked frequently about our valuation service:

I’m interested in selling an item but want to know how much it is worth first. How do I do this?

You can get free valuation from via email, post or in person. To find out more, visit or valuations for sale page.

I’d like an appraisal of the value of my items for insurance purposes. How do I organise that?

Simply contact our specialists via email or phone on 01273 472503 to talk about your valuation needs and organise a quote.

Our service includes:

  • A photographic record of your most important items - making recovery more likely following a loss.

  • Advice on permanent identification marking of your personal effects.

  • Arranging for a crime prevention survey to be undertaken at your home.

  • Commissioning a report and quote by a security alarm installation company.

  • Recommending specialist insurance brokers and services.

How do I organise valuations for probate to ensure I satisfy probate law?

This is a very important area of our service. It involves the appraisal of chattels to satisfy the requirements of probate law. As with insurance valuations, we prepare a detailed inventory and valuation enumerating all items of importance and any specific bequests.

To start a conversation about valuations for probate, simply contact us via email, or phone: 01273 472503